Enabling WiFi Hotspot on Nokia N9s in the United States…

I’m going to forget this the first time I have to reset my Nokia N9.

As it turns out, the WiFi Hotspot mode on the N9 doesn’t fully meet FCC SAR regulations, so it’s disabled in the United States (launching it generates a brief error and then the app exits). While I appreciate Nokia’s respect for regulations, I don’t plan on holding my N9 close to soft tissues while in hotspot mode, and dang it, I need hotspot mode occasionally.

Fortunately, brighter folks than me have found a hack; here’s a link to a post by salyavin at talk.maemo.org. It involves adding a new startup script that touches a configuration file on boot to enable the application. You’ll need to download the script from the link, install developer mode if you haven’t, and copy the script to the correct location.

Now my iPhone can stay safely locked in my desk drawer on weekends when I go cafe-hopping!

Edit: Another link with the same information is

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