My Books

I’m a frequent author of books about computing.

Although self-promotion isn’t my forte, every author should make it easy for prospective readers like you to find his work. This page has links to Amazon so you can purchase the books I’ve written.

Recent books that I’ve written that may help you in your professional endeavors include:

Older titles, which the pace of technology has rendered largely obsolete, include:

Carmen Au and Ray Rischpater. Microsoft Mapping: Geospatial Development with Bing Maps and C# , APress, 2013.
Ray Rischpater. Application Development with Qt Creator, Packt, 2013.
Ray Rischpater and Dan Zucker. Beginning Nokia Application Development, APress, 2010.
Ray Rischpater. Beginning Java ME Platform (From Novice to Professional). APress, 2008.
Ray Rischpater. eBay Application Development. APress, 2004.
Ray Rischpater. Software Development for the QUALCOMM BREW Platform. APress, 2003.
Ray Rischpater. Wireless Web Development, Second Edition.APress, 2002.
Ray Rischpater. Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP.APress, 2001.
Ray Rischpater. Internet Appliances:A Wiley Tech Brief. John Wiley & Sons, 2001.
Steve Mann and Ray Rischpater. Advanced Palm Programming.John Wiley & Sons, 2000.
Ray Rischpater. Palm Enterprise Applications: A Wiley Tech Brief.John Wiley & Sons, 2000.
Ray Rischpater. Wireless Web Development. APress, 2000.

I hope you find them useful.