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So, I’ll happily admit to anyone that asks that I’m terrible about self-promotion; if anything, this blog is an extension of my books: writing about what matters to me for you, hoping to find a match. I don’t pick topics because they sell, or because I think they have wide appeal; I’ve always been drawn to writing about problems that I’ve encountered that I think others may encounter as well.

That’s why I found this chart from StatPress so interesting tonight — it’s a look at the most commonly read entries on this blog.

Blog Topics By Request
Blog Topics By Request

I love Lisp — no denying it. And I’ve spent some time plinking away at using Lisp on various machines; my time spent coercing CLIM to work on Mac OS X is clear testimony to that fact. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to turn my affection for Lisp into a paying concern; in fact, I’ve barely been able to integrate it with my day job (this paper is as close as it gets, folks!) because my primary career focus is mobile, not any of the problems Lisp typically targets.

Unfortunately, given the amount of time I have for coding, Qt wins out over Lisp and CLIM, or even plain Lisp; the day job is currently focused on research on mobile UIs at Nokia, and Qt (or Windows Phone 7, which I’m just getting started with on my own time) is where it’s at.

I’ll admit some frustration, though — I’d like to be of more use to the community that finds these pages useful, especially because I think it’d be more fun sometimes than just quickly knocking out a few pages about problems I’ve solved on the day job for other Qt developers to refer to. So, open questions to all you people who got here looking for Lisp on Mac OS X: what else can I help you with? Where are your pain points? And what the heck are you using Lisp on Mac OS X for, anyway?