Auckland: Birds galore!

It’s been a week since we’ve been back, but I wanted to post a couple photos from the Auckland Zoo. We went there after meeting for worship on our last day in New Zealand before going to the airport, and it was worth it! We saw kiwi up close — I didn’t get any pictures, it was too dark in the kiwi house; they reverse days and nights for the birds so that people can see them doing something other than sleeping — and other indigenous birds, along with other, more common-to-us animals. Here’s a few photos.
OK, so the meerkat is neither a bird nor indigenous, but I love meerkats anyway.

The flight home was uneventful, although we did have members of New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All-Blacks, riding in coach just a few seats ahead of us. 

It was a great trip, and it’s been interesting settling back into the usual routine. I’m having regular dreams of driving in New Zealand, and very thankful for our trip.

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