Ray Rischpater
558 Dry Well Road, Boulder Creek, CA, 95006
kf6gpe – at –
+1 831 252 0646

Technical Program Manager
Guiding processes and projects to help deliver releases of Google Play Services on Android to two billion phones reliably and regularly.

Software Engineering Manager II
Lead multiple teams building software pipelines and tools to improve the quality of Uber’s mapping products. Consistently shipped software on time and in budget while growing both teams by fifty percent. Lead cross-team engineering initiatives to prove engineering tools, processes, and data for specific milestones.

Senior Software Engineering Manager
Led a team building tools in support of manual review of the output of machine learning algorithms to improve the quality of Microsoft’s mapping products.

Senior Software Engineer
Worked on next-generation mapping and visualization technologies as the developer lead for the Streetside feature of the Bing 3D Maps Preview application.

Nokia Research Center
Senior Research Engineer
Worked as a research engineer with Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto investigating next-generation user interface concepts for future wireless terminals. Responsibilities included interface concept development, prototyping, participating in user tests, and subsequent publication of findings, as well as making key contributions to internal visualization tools and Nokia City Scene 2.0.

Senior Software Engineer
Worked as a contributing engineer with the S60 Studio in San Francisco on a number of engineering prototypes for the S60 platform using Qt on Symbian. Work entailed both development and interfacing with teams to hand off completed components to domain teams for inclusion in Nokia’s products. Later work as part of a stand-alone UI team included MeeGo and Symbian work on low-level widgets built with Qt for mobile devices.

Rocket Mobile, Inc. (now a subsidiary of Buongiorno)
Chief Architect
I was responsible for the architecture, design, and development of custom applications for wireless handsets including Qualcomm BREW, Java ME, and Apple iPhone. My work included material participation in products including Rocket Mobile’s Core Device Suite and Mobile Communication Platform, available on handsets including the Motorola V3C from Verizon Wireless. Other work included pre- and post-partnership contribution to development for partner products, including a white-label wallpaper application for Verizon Wireless and ringtone application for Sony BMG as well as extensive consulting with Verizon, Samsung, Sharp, and several content partners. My responsibilities included setting out the architecture and design for applications, as well as acting as a coding contributor on many projects.

Independent Consultant
I consulted on the development of a variety of handheld software products while writing four books on mobile and personal computing.

Spyglass, Inc.
Director of Software Development
While at Spyglass, I was promoted from a Senior Software Engineer at the departure of our engineering director. I was responsible for the daily activities of the engineers in our business unit performing development for both internal and external projects. As part of a growing team, I established clear objectives
for the engineering group, including job descriptions and a growth path for our team members. I formed a Software Process Group, responsible for ongoing process improvement in our unit. In addition, I was responsible for communication between my group and other Spyglass engineering groups, along with interaction between my group and outsource vendors.

Spyglass, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
In November of 1997, Spyglass acquired AllPen Software, Inc. As part of this acquisition, I was retained as a senior software engineer. My role continued essentially uninterrupted from the position I held as Chief Technologist. I worked to provide architectural and design input into a number of Java and Windows CE based projects.

AllPen Software, Inc.
Chief Technologist
My role at AllPen grew from contributing engineer on rapidly developed shipping solutions to vertical clients to an architectural and design role providing input to a myriad of customer projects involving integration of PDA technology with wireless client-server and location applications. Along with Todd Courtois and others, I wrote one of the first mobile Web browsers for the Apple Newton Messagepad platform, and worked extensively on browsers for Magic Cap, Palm OS, and other platforms.

Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.
Software Engineer, Network Group
While at Sun as a network engineer, I was responsible for maintaining the SunOS CMW Trusted Network Daemon (tnetd) and kernel interfaces to the same. This daemon was responsible for providing per-host mapping between network tokens in IP headers and security attributes, such as information label, user identification, and auditing flags.

Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc.
Quality Engineer
At Sun as a quality engineer (first as an intern and later as a software quality engineer), I provided a variety of services to our team, including tools and test porting and execution.


6/93 Bachelor’s Degree in Pure Mathematics, University of California at Santa Cruz

Primary Technologies

  • Android (Java)
  • Node.js
  • C/C++
  • Qt on Windows, Android, Symbian and MeeGo
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Python
  • JSON
  • RESTful Web Services
  • PHP
  • XML/XPath/XSLT
  • Qualcomm BREW

Secondary Technologies

  • Angular.JS
  • C# / .NET
  • Java & Java ME
  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • Clojure
  • Common Lisp


  • Android Studio
  • Emacs
  • bash
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • ARM Toolchain
  • GNU Toolchain
  • Qt Creator
  • Eclipse


Microsoft has filed a patent for an innovation I developed with our design team.

Nokia filed several patents for innovations I developed with other members of my team. All are pending.

Rocket Mobile filed five patents for innovations I developed with other members of the firm. All are pending.

Harris Corporation filed two patents for innovations I developed with their staff while at AllPen. One was issued.

“Automated trouble-shooting mechanism resident in craftperson’s portable test and communications system.” Mike Horton, Onofrio Schillaci & Ray Rischpater.


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I write regularly for technical magazines and Web sites as well as amateur radio publications.

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I am a technical reviewer for several books from Addison-Wesley on software development for Android, including various editions of Android Wireless Development and Learning Android Application Programming for the Kindle Fire: A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Application.


I hold an FCC Amateur Radio License as KF6GPE (Amateur Extra) and regularly provide communications for emergency services as a public service. Other interests include hiking, photography, and the history of computing and computing languages.

Volunteer Service

In addition to my volunteer efforts as an amateur radio operator, I am presently serving as the treasurer of Rebuilding Alliance, a 501c3 working to rebuild war-torn communities in Palestine. I am also serving on the board of Friends House Moscow Support Organization, the US fundraising arm of Friends House Moscow, which among its other work teaches alternatives to violence and helps conscientious objectors in the Russian Federation.

In the past, I’ve served on various committees in my Quaker meeting and was the clerk (who serves as president of the board) of the Ben Lomond Quaker Center Association, the board for the non-profit Ben Lomond Quaker Center (board service from 2010-spring 2014, clerk service from spring 2012-spring 2014).