Blank Radiogram Instructions

The ARRL NTS system provides a standard form for all radiograms transmitted via the NTS. This uniformity ensures that NTS operators can quickly and efficiently handle traffic.

This form provides the same fields as an ARRL Radiogram form would, but is not in any way associated, approved, or affiliated with the NTS, ARRL, or any other agency. If you are interested in becoming an NTS operator or being involved with their efforts, you should contact a local NTS operator and work with them. This form is for those in ARES which need to use the NTS to send H&W traffic during an event, when they may not have a stack of the official ARRL Radiogram forms.

In addition to use for NTS, you may want to consider using these forms as an alternate for the Tactical Message Log Sheet, as the information required by the NTS is a superset of what is used on the TMLS. Whichever you select, pick one and remain consistent during the duration of an event, so that others can follow your records.

The information you need to supply for the form is as follows:

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You should save the resulting image as a file and print it using a paint program in landscape mode.

Copies are available at SLVARC meetings from the AEC for training or EC.

You may print as many copies as you wish.

You may also get more information regarding the NTS' relationship with ARES, and information on formatting traffic for NTS.


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